Morning musings

(I try to write about a page worth of rhyming lines every morning, without worrying about structure or content, just to exercise the muscle of rhyming. Usually it’s complete nonsense, but sometimes something interesting takes shape. Here’s one example:)

The wonder of the sanity I cherished
The crude, unwelcome livery of doom
Has led us to a place where we will perish
And no one will be left to hear the boom

The reason for my tired and lonely scribblings
That lean so hard on oft-repeated words
And never find their lovers, friends, or siblings
And breathe their echoes silent and absurd

The wounded heart, the breathless gasp of nothing
That left its bitter footsteps in my mind
To smile at demons, though they know I’m bluffing
And in their energy I feel more kind

The curtains hanging lonely in the balance
Have left my lonely room bereft of light
And echoed in the slow loss of my talents
Like broken eggs that never tasted flight

The summer sun brings new life to my garden
Where all the children never come to play
But each passing season leaves the ground more hardened
For I never know just who I’ll be today

And my effervescent sense of inspiration
That flew off on the winds behind your plane
Has left behind a long-bemused frustration
Of sun-dried hearts still longing for the rain

While the scratching cries of anguish fill my eardrums
And the green, ecstatic nonsense bides its time
How I wish your lust could save me from these doldrums
While I sit here trying to come up with a rhyme

The moments that were stretched out in my memory
And filled my heart with so much more than love
Are the ones that haunt my broken-hearted reverie
Giving space to all the words I’m thinking of