More morning rhymes

(I set a timer and write as many rhyming lines as I can in ten minutes. Sometimes something half-way decent comes out.)

Through the foggy mists inside my head, I see the merry song
That I’ve been scratching at the surface of to keep my pleasure strong
To give up all my petty vanities and listen to the muse
Who’s trying to tell me what to say, but I have been so long confused
And in the breezes coming off the sea, I feel your luscious smile
And I would let it carry me away for 15-hundred miles
And I would float with you in paradise and laugh at all the lies
That I have told myself incessantly, rejecting my own prize
To breathe the sweet poetic air and find my footsteps in the sand
Without a thought for all the petty cares and trivial demands
And in the slow ecstatic moment where I live my luscious life
I see eternities unfolding, far away from all the strife