Joseph Dane was born into a musical family and began singing and performing at a very early age. Some of his earliest memories are busking on the street in Japan and performing in schools and orphanages in India and Mexico. His parents were traveling hippy missionaries who spent over 20 years traveling through Asia and Latin America with their ten children. Joseph was born in Japan and also spent time in India, the Philippines, South Korea, and Mexico.
Joseph began playing the guitar at age 11 and writing songs at age 19, but after his family left the wandering life behind and settled down in Oregon, Joseph put music on the back burner to go to college and study computer science, eventually moving to New York and working for companies like Adobe and Standard and Poor’s.
After a successful, but unsatisfying career in software development, Joseph Dane dropped out of the corporate life in 2012 and moved to Mexico to focus on music full-time, becoming the lead singer of a classic rock band, and performing solo with his guitar, while continuing to pursue his life-long obsession with Latin music. During this time, his songwriting developed its characteristic style – thoughtful, but playful lyrics with a fun, mellow vibe, a Latin rhythmic feel, and soulful vocals.
After almost 4 years of traveling around Mexico and the US, Joseph has returned to the Pacific Northwest to bring his warm, tropical-influenced sound to a northern audience.